Life is a beautiful and endless wonder. Within each thought, you are able to manifest the reality you seek.

— Dr. Roland Yakoubov

Dr. Roland Yakoubov

Founder of Roland Bioenergy Healing Institute

Dr. Roland Yakoubov is a healer based in Los Angeles who is internationally recognized for his expertise in biofield science and healing. Dr. Yakoubov is the inventor of a non-invasive, holistic healing method for maintaining cellular integrity that is designed to work on the biofield of any living organism. He founded the Roland Bioenergy Healing Institute in 2014.

Developed and launched with the Roland Bioenergy Healing Institute, Dr. Yakoubov’s healing system is absolutely touchless, safe for regular use, and scientifically proven to provide a wide range of significant benefits for both the body and mind.

Dr. Yakoubov holds a Ph.D in Bioenergy from the Open International University for Complementary Medicines. He is also a distinguished graduate in Biofield Science from the United Nations Academy of Alternative Medical Science, and has worked at the Djuna Academy of Alternative Medical Science in Moscow.

He is also on the board of directors for Bioenergy and Power Yoga, a member of The British Council for Complementary Therapies, and a Senate member of the UN-recognized Open International University for Complementary Medicine.

Successfully achieving many merits within the Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Dr. Yakoubov continues to be acknowledged for his contributions of outstanding significance to humanity, recognized as a humanitarian, in the field of alternative medicine placing an emphasis on the education and implementation of the non-invasive touch free Bio Energy Healing System.

Dr. Yakoubov made another mark in history when The World Congress for Integrative Medicines in Islamabad presented him with the Lifetime Achievement Award in Medicine and the United Nations bestowed him with the honorary Benazir Bhutto Award in Medicine presented by the first lady herself, VC. Dr. Kiyani, resulting in the successful triumph of another milestone in his journey. Prominent dignitaries continue to acknowledge him for his outstanding work. The future holds many new opportunities and successful collaborations within the scholar and professional levels.

Currently, Dr. Yakoubov and his institute are conducting experiments overseas with the Orbeli Exploration Institute of Physiology at the Armenian Republic Academy of Sciences. Together, they have documented his ability to remotely impact biological organisms. He is also working with Beverly Rubik, Ph.D, the President and Founder of the Institute of Frontier Science in Oakland, California. She is documenting Roland’s abilities.

Dr. Yakoubov is currently designing a healing device for pain management with the Locator Company in Armenia. He teaches Ashtanga Yoga, which he has done for 16 years, and works from his studio in Glendale, California.