I would like to thank you for helping me get relieved of pains and aches which I had developed for over 20 year; such as knee pain, back pain, irregular posture, as well as bilateral achy bunions.

I was complaining of torn knee ligaments. After my first session you've relieved the pain on both of my knees. The pain was developed about 20 years ago from injury. They were so painful that after 15 minutes of walking I would start experiencing unbearable pain.

The second and third sessions were being concentrated on my spine and posture. As a result I am now able to stand straight like a model on a runway. After the fourth and fifth sessions, my achy bunions disappeared. I took a picture of my feet and sent it to my daughter. She could not believe the change. I am thankful of your services and ability to improve my physical health for the better.

— Anna N.

Roland blew my mind from the second I stepped into his office. His professionalism and knowledge for his craft is off the charts. His concentration on his client(s) is exceptional, and his execution of his practice is beyond incredible. Roland was able to adjust and heal my lower back pain. The result was immediate and straight forward. He was able to concentrate his energy and shift my body's energy in the way he needed to so that my body would heal. I was so pleased with my session and I will definitely be back!

— Narbeh Ebrahimian

I suffered from gout for many years. Even at home I couldn't wear slippers. I needed to take one slipper off from my left foot to ease the pain. Literally, after the first session the pain began to subside, it became easier, and by the end of the course the pain was gone completely.

My aunt is 89 years old. For a very long time she only had 50% of her hearing. She also suffered from passing out very often. Based on my own positive experience, I recommended her to go see Roland. The results exceeded all my expectations. The hearing is practically normal, and she no longer passes out.

Dear Roland,
Thank you so for all the knowledge and opportunities of recovery that you give people! With great respect and much gratitude.

— Marina

These are some of the benefits I have received as a result of eight bioenergetic healing sessions with Roland:

Improved sleeping pattern
Increased energy level
Improved sinus health
Better focus, clearer and calmer state of mind

Thank you, and God protect you always.

— Elizabeth

I have been struggling with anxiety for a few years now. Being a young woman starting her 30’s, I was not ready to give in to prescription medications. Luckily, I was referred to Roland Yakoubov. After I read about bioenergetic healing, I was very hopeful that he would help me in improving my health. During my first session, I was anxious, tense, and felt my heart pounding. These were symptoms that I had been feeling for a long time and had become a part of my life which always made me very sad. I tried many alternatives to medicine from naturopathic medicine to diet and exercise but it was no use. Ten minutes into our treatment session, he was able to calm my heart beat and free me from my anxiety. What was extremely fascinating was that he was not even touching me. I felt a pulling sensation in my head, chest, and stomach at certain times; furthermore, sometimes during the course of treatment, my body would react to the treatment which Roland affirmed were all normal and part of the healing process.

Another issue I was struggling with was my lack of appetite and feeling sick all over and shaky when hungry. I did not mention this symptom to Roland because I was too focused on my anxiety. He knew with no prior knowledge of it and was able to sense the disorders of my body. The next morning, I was able to eat without feeling sick. I felt much more relaxed, energetic, and in control the following day. With just one treatment, I felt that my health had improved. I had forgotten what it felt like to feel happy and complete.

Last but not least, I was lacking energy as I would become tired very easily. After just 3 treatments, my energy has improved. His positive personality and energy is very contagious and is the most unique characteristic I have ever seen in a person. His innate gift is extremely powerful, and I am so excited to experience the benefits that are yet to come of Roland’s healing power. I am very grateful. Thank you.

— Anna Aroutiounian

There's self proclaimed psychics, mediums and healers all of over the world but, then there's Roland. Immediately upon meeting him, I knew he was genuine and one of a kind. The real thing. He's an old soul whom does this work simply because...It's who he is. I had two distinct ailments that troubled me for years. After many attempts, I stopped complaining to my doctors. They either didn't believe me or dismissed it for nonsense. I came to see Roland specifically for help with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and digestive issues. He worked on that right away then proceeded to point out and diagnose the two aliments that plagued me. I never said a word to him about them. My eyes filled with tears. How did he know? From there after my healthy skepticism was nonexistent. Afterward, I felt revived, light as air and my stomach was cleared. In addition, he fixed the two ailments that plagued me for years. I knew that what ever he did, it worked. He even diagnosed things that had bothered me, but that I never gave much thought, and didn't realize how they were affecting my overall health. Roland is truly a healer. I can trust him and will return again if I ever need to. Since then, my strength has returned and my digestion has improved significantly. I can't thank him enough. He's heaven sent. A gift from God.

— Sacha Manuel

Roland has worked on keeping my high eye pressures in check for over a decade. With his help they remain at the high end of the normal pressure range. Before this they were higher than the acceptable range and put me at risk for eye disease.

— Peter R.

For over a year, I have been suffering from tendonitis on my wrist from heavy gym lifting. I felt pain and discomfort. In order to ease the pain, I would wear a special glove to protect my wrist as I continued to lift weights. I knew I would need surgery done, but I didn't want to go through the whole long recovery process post-surgery. After I came to realize that I couldn't ignore the discomfort I was experiencing any longer, I decided to visit Roland for some relief.

I was a skeptic at first, but upon my first visit to Roland, I noticed immediate results. He provided me with healing energy with just a wave of his hands. After three sessions, my pain and discomfort decreased and I was finally able to start moving my wrist like normal. Thank you Roland for all that you've done for me! I appreciate your work and have high regard for you. God bless.

— Suren S.

My healing sessions with Roland were unlike any experience I've ever had. Although, a skeptic at first, he put me at ease with his energy and attitude. After years of back pain, severe knee pain, low energy, and the sense that something was missing internally, I figured I had nothing to lose. In fact I had everything to gain. After, three sessions of healing, my pain is gone, I feel my spiritual connection with the earth again, and I am more productive than I've been in years. Thank you Roland for changing my life.

— Andrew P. Byrd

My healing experience with Roland was one of wonder and appreciation. Roland's healing abilities are a true gift that melted away the stress. I felt comfortable, relaxed and thankful that somebody was finally able to help me. I noticed a change in my mental attitude and felt less prone to negative thoughts and emotions. Also, I left feeling full of energy and with an internal sense of peace.

— Lucya Dekado

For the past few years, I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. I was helpless and miserable and couldn’t understand how it started or what triggered it in order for me to find a solution for it. I always hoped that one day my anxiety and panic attacks would just leave on their own but somehow, they always managed to find their way back.

During my healing sessions with Roland, he always welcomed me with a positive and friendly attitude and immediately made sure that I felt calm and relaxed throughout the entire sessions. He first focused on my energy as a whole and then honed down to the core areas that triggered my problems. With literally a wave of his hands, my heart rate instantly fell to a steadier pace, my mind stopped thinking, and my breathing became a lot calmer. I was able to actually feel the positive energy he transmitted through my body and also feel the negative impurities be "pulled" out of me. I felt improvements in my psychological state after every session, saw an increase in my energy, and had a brighter and sunnier attitude overall. After my last session with Roland, I was completely free from my anxiety and panic attacks. I felt stronger, healthier, and happier. Negative thoughts were no longer clouding my mind. I am incredibly happy to say that I am now in better control of my thoughts and actions.

— Lilit Sogomonyan

I have been dealing with Post Herpetic Neuralgia (PHN) for over 8 years. I have been to several doctors who would give me medication, salves, creams, etc, and none would work. I have had acupuncture treatments which gave me temporary relief, and I particiapated in a clinical trial where I got many injections in the most painful areas and nothing came of it. My daughter suggested I see Roland.

In my desperation for some relief from the constant pain of PHN, I decided to get BioEnergetic Healing treatments from Roland. I have had 3 treatments every month since July and the pain is almost completely gone. I have spurts of pain occasionally when I get over-tired or don't get enough sleep but generally, I am pain free. He is trying to work on my Parkinsonism which I have in my lower extremeties only, so I have difficulty walking. I use a walker but my legs tire easily and sometimes I feel like I can' t even move. I have 3 more treatments scheduled in November and I will take a few months off to see if it will have any effects on me. I would recommend Roland to anyone having any kind of pain. He is amazing with his hands. Having all that energy and transferring it to your body without even touching you. You can feel his energy flow from his hands to wherever you are having problems.

— Tani Hana